Students - Junior School

Our Junior School is a vibrant and supportive community where students learn, laugh, play and explore the world around them. It's a welcoming environment where friendships can flourish and personalities develop. Our open and spacious Junior School Building and playground helps each student from Prep to Grade 2 develop confidence, feel part of their class and their school, and grow into vibrant, enthusiastic learners.

In the Junior School we have dedicated learning times for Literacy and Numeracy. We understand that these are important learning areas and that the skills and concepts developed during these times underpin learning across the whole curriculum.

We provide a balanced and holistic approach to learning, offering a range of specialist programs including:

- Early Years Literacy Program

- Information Technology program taught in all classrooms via laptops and iPads

- Music with our very talented musician Ms Legg

- Art with Mrs Douglas

- Weekly access to the school library for lessons and book borrowing

- Physical Eduction classes

- Access to the Instrumental Music program

- Swimming program

- Excursions & incursions

- PMP (Perceptual Motor Program)

Teachers work in close partnership with our parents to give every student the care and attention they need to develop into confident and successful learners. Parents are invited into the Junior School to be part of programs such as our reading program, PMP, excursions etc.