Students - Senior School

The Senior School is an environment where students are encouraged and supported to take risks in their learning, and strive to achieve their personal best. Our curriculum revolves around a strong commitment to the development of essential literacy and numeracy skills. We endeavour to provide the very best learning programs that take into consideration individual student needs and a variety of learning styles. Classes strive to achieve a learning environment that is safe and supportive, where every student feels a strong sense of belonging.

In addition to the core learning programs, specialist classes are offered in Music, Visual Arts and Physical Education while students participate in Library sessions and ICT in school’s the computer lab on a weekly basis. Students in the senior school also undertake integrated studies which cover the curriculum areas of science, humanities, economics, geography, civics and citizenship and history.

The Senior School curriculum provides a strong focus on personal learning and the developing of essential personal skills to support a student’s learning throughout their secondary school education and beyond. Students are also provided regular opportunities to work collaboratively with their peers with a focus on interpersonal, communication and thinking skills.

Extra-curricular activities available to students include a yearly swimming program, inter school sports competitions, excursions and incursions, instrumental music lessons and music ensembles, art and chess clubs.

Each classroom in the Senior School has access to computers with easy access to printers, the school’s intranet and the global internet. Our students in Grades 5 and 6 have access to a class set of laptops and students in Grades 3 and 4 have access to a class set of iPads that provide wireless access for flexible learning opportunities.

A focal point of the Senior School is our Leadership Program which is introduced to students in Grade 5 and designed to develop students’ leadership skills and prepare them for roles as student leaders in Grade 6. Every student participates in the program and when in Grade 6, students are provided leadership opportunities including School Captains, House Captains, Sports Captains, Library Monitors, Office Monitors, Sustainability Captains, Art Captains, Music Captains and numerous other leadership roles. Whilst this might sound like a great responsibility, each student in Grade 6 rises to the challenge of being a leader within our school and we thoroughly enjoy watching them flourish in their final year Primary School.

The relationship between home and school is very important in the Senior School and there are many opportunities for parents to be involved, including reading and numeracy activities in classrooms, excursions and incursions, various parent groups including School Council, Parents and Friends Association, working bee participation or involvement in one of our Badgerways enrichment programs.