Curriculum - Leadership Program

The Leadership Program is introduced to students in Grade 5 and continues in Grade 6. Every student in Grade 6 particpates in the program, applying for a position and receiving leadership opportunities. Students rise to the challenge of the responsibility of leadership and take pride in their position as role models in the school. Through this opportunity, they work with a mentor teacher to lead programs and facilitate changes in the school. 

Student leadership purpose:

- To develop students who have a voice, who believe in their capacity to make a difference and have hope for the future because of their demonstrated ability to effect change.

- To allow students opportunities to lead others according to their interests and passions.

- To create leaders who are positive role models for the rest of the school.

- To instil in the students the belief that all students can be leaders regardless of abilities, race or gender.

It is an honour to watch these students flourish in their final year of primary school and students leave their primary schooling knowing they have made a positive difference.