Curriculum - ResourceSmart School

In 2014, Badger Creek signed up to become a ResourceSmart school - a program run by Sustainability Victoria. Later that year, we were awarded a $10,000 Energy Efficiency Grant to target areas where energy was being wasted, or used inefficiently.

In 2015, our Grade 5/6 Special Ops Team worked with Mark from PlanetSavers to audit the energy usage at school. It was found that heating/cooling and lighting were our biggest power consumers, followed by our large appliances such as the fridges and photocopiers.

A team of student leaders presented the findings to parents and staff at a staff meeting, impressing all with results. The offered advice to cut power expenditure through interesting power-saving tips:

- Did you know that using moving screen savers waste more money than a powered down screen?

- Did you know that it's cheaper to turn fluorescent lights off and on, than to leave them on?

- Did you know that air conditioners turned down super low won't cool down a room any faster?

- Did you know that every 1°C below 22°C for air conditioners or above 18°C for heaters is an extra 10% on your power bill?

With the grant, we were able to replace old appliances, security lights and our huge power-hungry lights in the gym. We also purchased equipment for students to monitor light and heat in rooms to ensure we are running as efficiently as possible. We encourage all of our students to dress for the weather, whether it be hot, cold or somewhere in between.

In 2016, we are focusing on completing our ENERGY and WASTE modules, reducing our impact on the environment and achieving our next star certification!