Curriculum - Healesville Sanctuary

We are a Zoos Victoria Fighting Extinction Flagship School.

Badger Creek Primary School is in the unique position, located directly opposite the Healesville Sanctuary, one of Victoria’s three zoos.

Our primary school and the Healesville Sanctuary have had a close relationship since the Sanctuary opened in 1934. Students who attended the school at the time, often paid regular visits to the Sanctuary, helping the zoo keepers, or simply enjoying their lunch with the animals.

We still have this special bond, with many amazing projects and activities that help both the students and their learning and the Sanctuary and their staff. Currently, we are often asked to help the horticulture team with tree planting. We collect spider webs for the Helmeted Honeyeater during their nesting season, we are involved in the breeding of stick insects, and we provide students to help trial new experiences at the Sanctuary.

Last year, our amazing Enviro Leaders developed a user-friendly manual on how to become a 'Wipe For Wildlife' School - like us - to support other schools, businesses and families to make the change to 100% post-consumer recycled toilet paper. This year, our student-led Green Team will support other schools in making the switch.

In return our school receives unlimited entry to the Sanctuary, anytime that we wish, to help engage students with an interactive learning experience, to engage with animals and Australia’s Indigenous Culture. Although not compulsory, we encourage families to become members of Zoo’s Victoria so they too can enjoy the Sanctuary at anytime. We now have over 20 staff and families who are members of the Zoo.

At the beginning of the school year we provide families with a permission form that covers all visits to the Sanctuary over that school year. We encourage all families to sign this document to ensure that their child can enjoy this truly special place.