Curriculum - Sustainability Program

Nestled in its natural bush setting, Badger Creek Primary is home to a number of significant habitat areas.

Along the boundary of our school grounds, is a purpose planted wildlife corridor to support our local native fauna and flora. We have a scent-bark reserve below our oval, boasting some rare scented gums. In the established gums around our school, we have fixed a variety of nest boxes to encourage birds, possums and bats.

The development of Junior Land Care, led by parents and involving all classes, has provided valuable environmental foci for our school and continues to develop close links with our local community. Students are regularly involved in growing seedlings, planting out natives and mulching gardens.

We have a round-leaf pomaderris patch, planted up by our students after the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires that affected our area. These plants were heavily affected by the fires in their native environment and needed support to re-establish the species.

In the last 12 months, we have started our ‘Harvest Kitchen Garden’ program with the produce from our working vegetable garden being used by the students to make healthy meals in our well-equipped, repurposed school canteen and selling seedlings and produce for fundraising. Parents, students and teachers work together to plant, grow and harvest delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs to cook, share and enjoy as a community. In addition to our vegetable garden and orchard, we also have a herb garden, a succulent garden with a mural, Japanese garden and a thriving bush tucker garden. Our Frog Bog, made from reclaimed materials, is a student favourite.

We have always had a strong link with Healesville Sanctuary and this has recently being strengthened with our involvement with the Healesville Sanctuary learning programs and we are a “Wipe for Wildlife” school. Our students enjoy visiting this amazing resource on a regular basis. They learn about our local wildlife and what we can do to support their survival. Our students love sharing their knowledge with the community and have been invited to act as Junior Rangers, sharing their love of wildlife and the natural environment with visitors to the Sanctuary.

Why not come and see our beautiful school grounds for yourself? We’d be happy to show you around!