Curriculum - Student Wellbeing

At Badger Creek Primary School the wellbeing of our students is paramount. We aim to maintain our motto “A Sanctuary for Learning”. 

To create a Sanctuary for learning we provide many facets of support to our students and families. We have an open door policy, where we encourage families to discuss their students' wellbeing, so we can connect the right program or person to help their child. 

All staff take a shared responsibility and duty of care for student wellbeing. Our purpose is to provide an environment which allows students to develop positive self esteem, personal responsibility and self discipline and to develop positive relationships based on trust and cooperation between students, staff and community.

The Badger Creek Primary School community has developed a set of values, which we try to live by everyday, these values are;

Responsibility - Being accountable for your own and the community's actions towards yourself, others, resources and the natural environment

Integrity - Being honest and fair in all interactions and being true to what is important

Respect - Demonstrating respect for self, others and the environment

Care and Support - Practising genuine care and support, to nurture and help others

Pride - Always striving for Personal Best and celebrating achievement

We believe that if our school community upholds these values it will make Badger Creek Primary School a better and happier place for all people to live.