Curriculum - Digital Citizens

At Badger Creek Primary School, technology is used as a learning tool to transform students’ learning and to enrich their learning environment. The use of a wide range of resources develops new thinking and learning skills to encourage more productive ways of working and solving problems individually and cooperatively. Students are progressively introduced to a diverse range of skills based on the AusVELS Standards.

Every student has access to a wealth of technological resources. Mobile devices including iPads and notebooks enable students to use these technologies in flexible learning environments. Interactive Whiteboards are installed in every classroom. These resources and opportunities allow for the seamless integration of technology throughout the daily teaching and learning program and support consolidation of concepts and inquiry based learning strategies.

We aim to prepare our students to be informed users of technology. Badger Creek Primary School is currently working towards becoming an eSmart accredited school. Students learn about safe and appropriate use of technology and apply the protocols of Internet safety. School policy ensures supervision, security and safe use of the Internet. Acceptable Internet Use Agreements have been developed for all students.