Curriculum - Numeracy Program

The Mathematics Curriculum at Badger Creek Primary School is presented to students in the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probabiity, as laid out in AusVELS. All students participate in a minimum of five hours of Mathematics every week.

Consistent with our Literacy Curriculum, lessons are planned to follow the structure of the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model. There is a focus on enabling students to understand how Mathematics is useful in their everyday life. Students learn to recognise when Mathematics might help to interpret information or solve practical problems, and to apply their knowledge appropriately in contexts where they will have to use mathematical reasoning processes.

Students’ individual abilities are monitored using a variety of assessments and documentation. This information is used to differentiate lessons to cater to individuals and provide the support every student needs to reach their full potential.

A variety of resources are used to enhance lessons, including hands on materials and technology. Online resources such as ‘Mathletics’ are used across the school to support students in their learning, providing a consistent approach across year levels as well as between home and school.