Curriculum - Visual Arts Program

The Visual Arts Program aspires to develop a learning culture that energises and inspires students to:

- Develop their skills, knowledge and understandings of art within a developmental and sequential framework across the years from Prep to Grade Six.

- Engage, explore and experiment with a range of art-making processes and art forms.

- Create and respond to art within a variety of historical, contemporary, social and cultural contexts.

- Understand the language of Visual Art, including Visual Art’s elements and principles to confidently communicate and express their ideas, feelings and observations of the world around them.

- Develop a deeper appreciation of the value of art in their personal lives.

All classes have an art lesson for one hour, once a week. Projects are generally set for a term and are sequentially based to develop skills and knowledge. An emphasis is on practice, patience and persistence. Students are encouraged to take risks in a supportive and creative environment. Our mantra is that “There are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents!” Artworks are proudly displayed throughout the school.