Curriculum - Music Program

At Badger Creek Primary School music is a well-established program which is highly interactive with the local community. We have numerous events and concerts throughout the year that see our school interfacing with thousands of people in our community. All students learn music at school…we love it!

Every student at BCPS has a one hour class music lesson. Our music teacher, Jenny Legg teaches an Orff based program where all students learn to play musical instruments and sing together. We have performances weekly in our assemblies. Our music technology facility allows students to compose and record their own digital music and put music to film. We have a high quality 25 piece school band and a 25-30 strong school choir. Between 30 and 40% of our students learn an instrument at school. The quality of our instrumental music staff would rival any private school in the state. We invite the community in to share music and we take music out to the local community.

Musical Events and Ensembles at Badger Creek Primary School

ANZAC Day 50 students, band and choir members, lead the National Anthem for the local community commemorations. This is a high profile event has occurred for the last 8 years. The event is located in the centre of Healesville and is attended by 1500 local community members.

Badger Creek School Choir Tour Each year the school choir visits local community groups including pre-school and aged care facilities. Students further develop their sense of community service, their connectedness to local community as well as pride in musical achievement and teamwork.

Community Music Night This is an opportunity for us to get together and relax as a community with music at the focus. Several members of our school community including parents, students, past students and teachers perform on the night. 

Badger Creek Rhyme Time This FREE Friday morning early years literacy and music session is open to the general community. This group, run by Jenny Legg features creative, fun and interactive stories and songs.

Badger Creek Women’s Choir This is a new ensemble open to all women in the local community and is held on Tuesday evenings 7.30 - 8.30 in the music room. The group performs at the Community Music Night and at local community venues and facilitates links and friendships amongst our local women through singing.

Healesville High School Band Visit 20-25 members of the Healesville High School Legends Band visit BCPS and take part in a joint concert with the BCPS band and choir.

End of Year Concert All students take part in an end of year music concert.

Instrumental Music Night All students who learn to play a musical instrument at school or outside the school have the opportunity to perform at this school based concert and share their love of music and the fruits if their hard work.

Musical Incursions and Excursions The music program includes regular incursions and excursions with visits to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and many performances at school from a broad range of musicians. Concerts have included Japanese drummers, African bands, Indian musicians, solo performers and military and police bands.